Cerberus‘Is it a tank? Is it a dog? Is it an android?’ That was how you were introduced in the press release 3 years ago by the company called Artificial Support Systems. Your working name was TankDroig. But this name was not really sounding sexy and people were making jokes about it (TankDrug, TankDrag, ToinkDroig etc). A receptionist from the head office mentioned to the CEO her fascination for old mythology and he asked her to come up with a new name for you. Cerberus, the multiheaded dog , symbolizes all the different functions you have. You can walk like an android or like a dog, and thanks to the wheels on your back, ride like a tank. Since you are still in pilot phase, you are still one of a kind. Your mission? To come back in one piece, so the company can  say ‘Hey! He survived Mars. Your task is a piece of cake for him!’ and start producing you in series.


SofiaYou are a female that likes a challenge. Not for the action, but because you want to develop yourself. And challenges for you can be on the physical and the mental part. The training you had while you were in a ninja order since you were 9 years old has given you the basis which helped you to get onto this mission. You hate sloppiness and want to do everything with great perfection and discipline. For you it is an honour to serve Earth on this desert planet.


ArthurYou are on a mission and you take it seriously. Exo-geology is what you do best. You are not looking for ‘life on Mars’, but you are hoping to find ‘a new life’ on Mars, because you think that life on earth has evolved into an empty shell. You want to be working at the basis of a new society for mankind, one with less emptiness then society on Earth. Although you are pretty old compared to your colleagues, your physical stamina is pretty good. This is thanks to the survival training you had years ago and your daily tai chi exercises. You enjoy the old masters like Beethoven and Shakespeare.


DebrahYou like challenges, but more from the intelligent kind. You passed 3 scientific university studies at the same time. Your most eye catching property is your red hair. You have been asked many times to model in magazines and commercials, but simply refused the generous offers. Your career was in science, and not in commercial modelling activities. The mission to Mars will give your scientific career a new boost, and it will give you some time to (literely) look at Earth from a different perspective. This will hopefully give you new insights to help Earth further as a whole and advice local governments in a new discipline you developed.


John Action is what you are looking for. And you need some money and the payment for this mission is pretty good. After being a university athlete, you have done several jobs. You have been a navy seal, stuntman, body guard, martial arts instructor and you have even been a model for a showing underwear, because of your excellent physique and good looks. But now you needed a big challenge, and this mission might give you enough adventures and exposure to start your own e-magazine, aiming at ‘men from 9 - 99 looking for action’ (making sure your income is secured). You know just enough about geology to pass the entry criteria for this mission, and the Bureau needed an image booster to clean up their dusty image.

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