E-learning definition

What is E-learning?

Cerberus in a MuseumE-learning is the general term regarding learning activities where interactivity with a computer programme such as Cerberus is the medium. In our case a computer network is used to transfer the learning material in the form of a serious game to the learners.

Important bennefits regarding to e-learning are that we no longer require books which help the environment, the learning experience is by the learner not experienced as learning but as a fun situation and lastly we can automatically generate highly detailed statistics of the learner.

E-learning vs. Crowdsourcing

The best known form of a serious game such as Cerberus is where the game teaches new knowledge to its players. In the case of Cerberus however, the players are actually responsible for the creation of new knowledge. The fact is, however, before we can enable our players to generate the knew knowledge out of the satellite photographs Cerberus first must teach the players about what to find. This way Cerberus acts both as a crowdsourcing and an e-learning platform. See the diagram for a short clarification.

Diagram: In the case of Cerberus as an e-learning platform we transfer new knowledge to our players. In the case of Cerberus as a crowdsourcing platform the people generate new knowledge out of the data. These two factors are in most Cerberus versions combined.

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