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Generated Maps

Eberswalde Delta PortionDue to the exploration of our players we are able to generate accurate maps of the features which were to be found. In this example we again show Eberswalde Delta with heat maps as overlay. The brighter the spot, the more players were in consensus. Eventually these heat maps are going to be translated into GIS maps and will be presented to our data providers in an interactive interface. Try it here!

If you 'd like to learn more, about these results or what Cerberus could mean for your satellite data, please contact us here.

Other Features

Besides the mapping with the toolset which is integrated in the game the players also had to opportunity to mark other items. With the anomaly tool the players were actually able to track back the Phoenix lander which was deliberately hidden. This was done to prove that Cerberus is capable of doing more than only the marking of geological features. Finding back a lander is actually encouraged by HiRISE. Read Here what our players had to say about the Phoenix lander and a strange yellow rock.

Mars Pathfinder Site
PSP_001890_1995 42 = pathfinder pod
43= pathfinder balloon Phoenix
43 small white patch
42 see sector 43; same white but smaller
26 Crater
42 White spot
43 White spot
70 piece of lander
71 piece of lander
43 Other dot
42 One dot
42 lander
42 lander
43 lander
43 balloons
43 scrap?
42 more scrap?
26 kratar
101 Big crater
42 A pod
43 A balloon
Possible outgassing tufa tower, gullies (south)
PSP_001684_1410 Tower
1 62 tufa tower?  outgassing precipitate?
2 62 is this a high peek with a shadow?
62 Standing object
62 Meteor or something
3 62 Some big (foreign) object/stone casting a shadow
62 odd object
62 odd looking rock
67 blue material
4 62 Something with a tall shadow. A rock pillar perhaps?
67 landr
62 lander
62 huge stone?
56 anomaly
62 anomaly
62 A yellow thingy?
67 a Blue Thingy

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